Johnny Manziel will volunteer for drug tests during NFL comeback attempt

How serious is Johnny Manziel about his NFL return?

Serious enough to show teams he truly is clean and sober.

A source told Sporting News that Manziel soon plans to volunteer for testing under the NFL’s drug policy as part of his comeback attempt.

Manziel wasn’t in the NFL last season when the league levied a four-game suspension for violating its ban on recreational drugs. He also stopped taking NFL drug tests when out of football.

Texans owner Bob McNair said Wednesday that he expects competition at quarterback this offseason, meaning Osweiler’s status is up in the air once again.

“The challenge is what can we do with what we got,” he said, via the Houston Chronicle. “We’ll still probably look at a young quarterback as we go into the draft. It’s a question of what’s available.”

Garoppolo, who’s entering his fourth NFL season and the final year of his rookie contract, insists he’s able to tune out the majority of the noise majority being the key word.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter on his “Know Them From Adam” podcast recently spoke with the New England quarterback and brought up a variety of topics. But when the trade subject inevitably came up, Garoppolo admitted Schefter’s “guess is probably as good as (his).”

Garoppolo seemed sincere when he told Schefter the trade rumors have minimal effect on his everyday life.

“For the most part I’m just trying to stay level-headed, try not to over think it too much,” Garoppolo said. “Because at the end of the day I’m still under contract. It’s not my decision if I get traded or if I don’t. So you try to take it all in stride.avalanche-027_7e90ab10b1f814df-180x180

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