Marshawn Lynch playing at home in Oakland is how his career should end

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The patron saint of shoot your shot is Kobe Bryant, a man who lived for difficult and ill-advised jumpers. He took Michael Jordan¡¯s quote that ¡°you miss 100 percent of the shots you don¡¯t take¡± to heart and missed more shots than anyone in NBA history. His name is synonymous with shooting shots of any kind in everyday life. You shoot a piece of paper into the trash from far away? Kobe! A fadeaway jumper with a defender¡¯s hand in your face in a game of 21? Kobe!

In the NBA today, no one exemplifies shooting your shot like Stephen Curry. It doesn¡¯t matter if he¡¯s 38-feet from the basket or facing multiple defenders off the dribble: He just lets it fly. One of the best college equivalents was BYU¡¯s Jimmer Fredette, back when he looked at the halfcourt line like it was the charity stripe.

What Cannady and Princeton didn¡¯t realize is that shooting your shot is a mantra for when things seem impossible, best used by people who can do impossible things. It is well-suited for when there¡¯s nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Unless you¡¯ve made a living doing the absurd, shooting your shot should be reserved for when your back is against the wall and you have no choice. Otherwise, you¡¯re just being dumb.

Jason Spezza Kids Jersey During Marshawn Lynch¡¯s time in Seattle, there were always a few assumptions that seemed destined to come true. The first and most obvious: He was going to try and run over someone, usually multiple someones, while on the field.

But beyond that, there was an assumption about how it would end. Marshawn was either going to just walk away one day because he felt like it or go home to Oakland for a retirement tour to wind down.

He chose the former, retiring in the middle of the Broncos Super Bowl win in 2016 by tweeting a photo of his cleats on a power line. The timing was a bit surprising in the moment, but it all made sense.

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