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Broncos coach Vance Joseph doesn’t anticipate trade of Pro Bowl safety T.J. Ward

Broncos head coach Vance Joseph said he “would be surprised” if starting safety T.J. Ward was traded this season.

Ward has been brought up in trade talks in recent weeks as the 30-year-old is entering the final year of his four-year contract he signed in 2014.

“We’d like the decision made by itself,” Elway said, via the Associated Press. “We want one of them to take the reins and take over. That would be the ideal situation. We’ll get through this game and see what happens.”

Siemian started in the Broncos’ preseason opener against the Bears, where he helped move the offense down the field for a field goal on the team’s opening drive.

He played in two more series and finished 6 of 7 for 51 yards and a 97.0 passer rating. Lynch also played last week, going 6 of 9 for 42 yards and 77.1 passer rating. He also did not lead the offense to score.

Lynch, a first-round pick in last year’s NFL Draft, is scheduled to start against the 49ers. Depending how he does, he could earn the starting position for the regular season.

Sheard gets the best of both worlds with a high percentage of his contract guaranteed while still having the ability to see free agency again in three seasons. The Colts went over and above the second-tier pass rusher market with his average salary, and doing the shorter-term deal leaves them with little reward for the long term if he does play above his typical level.seahawks_028

Raptors, Pacers are discussing a Cory Joseph trade as Toronto looks to shed salary

The Toronto Raptors and the Indiana Pacers are in talks about a trade involving Cory Joseph, according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes, a move that would help clear salary in Toronto so they can re-sign their free agents this summer. So far, though, talks haven’t proceeded past a discussion phase.
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The Raptors have already re-signed Serge Ibaka at a three-year, $65 million deal, and Kyle Lowry shouldn’t be far behind him. But those players — not including valuable bench piece Patrick Patterson, who’s still unsigned — would push Toronto’s salary to nearly $130 million, well over the luxury cap threshold. While Toronto’s management has said before that it would consider paying the tax, this might not be the right circumstance. After all, this isn’t a tangible improvement. It’s the Raptors bringing back the exact team that couldn’t make it past the Eastern Conference semifinals last year.
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It’s understandable if Warriors fans are mad, but to be fair he DID qualify his tweet by saying 2016 GS fans. A lot changes in a year. Perhaps Young thinks 2017 Warriors fans are completely different people. Maybe they’ve learned a lot, or educated themselves. They could have grown as fans and earned Young’s blessing now. You just never know.

Let this serve as a cautionary tale for any player in any sport: Trash tweeting about another team or fan base is only going to set you up to have to delete your tweets. Life in sports comes at you fast, and you just never know when you’ll be traded or where you might sign next. You don’t NEED to shoot your shot, after all.

Kevin Durant welcomed Nick Young to the Warriors by trolling him on Twitter

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Fresh off their second championship in three years by way of the most dominant playoff performance in NBA history, the Golden State Warriors shored up their reserve unit by signing polarizing swingman Nick Young.

Ball’s worn a pair of Kobe’s (Nike), Harden’s (adidas), Jordan 31’s, and Curry’s (Under Armour) in his Summer League play, each with varying results on the court. The only brand left is Reebok, which is owned by Adidas. He’s been asked twice about the reasoning behind rotating his sneaker brands.

When asked if swapping kicks was part of a master plan, Ball responded you could say that. And when asked if he was doing it to start a bidding war, he replied, something like that.

Authentic Mens Boomer Esiason Jersey Those are responses of a man who doesn’t want to disclose too much information.

We don’t know what LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand have up their sleeves with their latest stunt, but everything the Balls have done has worked so far. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Whenever the prospect of acquiring players come into question, Danny Ainge likes to remind us that there are only three ways to add talent: the draft, trade, or via free agency and that he intended to explore all three in rebuilding the Boston Celtics. Just because there are three avenues that are open, not everyone will take the same path, or even attempt to drive down a particular road.

Here’s everything you need to know about ‘NBA 2K18’

Adding to the authenticity of playing the role of a real GM, two-way contracts, a new way teams are able to sign players for the G-League and NBA (which we explain here), will also be available.

There will be a free-agent moratorium period for the first time in 2K18, meaning you will have three days to recruit a player to verbally agree before he can actually sign. The deals will be binding in the game though, so don’t worry about getting DeAndre Jordan-ed.

That sort of situation is one Tom Thibodeau has navigated ably in Minnesota. After one year, he traded fan and team favorites Ricky Rubio and Zach LaVine. The LaVine decision was easy — he left town in the Timberwolves’ theft of Jimmy Butler. The Rubio trade is tougher to swallow, as he was a cap space dump to make room for Jeff Teague. Rubio is a hard worker on the court and beloved by his teammates. One presumes Thibodeau enjoyed coaching him.

Game Kids Tony Dorsett Jersey But as a GM, Thibodeau understood the need for more shooting around Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Andrew Wiggins. Teague provides that. It seems like a fairly unemotional move in the end, one that GMs need to be able to make.

Game Youth Kareem Hunt Jersey Rivers was never able to make that sort of move. Jamal Crawford stuck around for years although his salary space was probably better used for a younger, more defense-oriented wing. Austin Rivers, of course, has found a home in Los Angeles under his father. Rivers brought in a parade of both former players and former opponents. He relied too much on emotion to be a successful GM while using emotion to be quite a successful coach.

Dan Quinn’s time is always ‘Now’ according to his office clock

Time can be kept in many different ways. The earliest way that humans kept time was with the sundial. Since then, time has been measured astronomically, with pendulums, and to mechanical and digital clocks.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has invented his own way to keep time, though it might not be so accurate. Every hour on his clock is replaced with the word “Now.”

That’s a cool way to look at things, but it’s also very Football Guy of him to have a clock like that. You know, because The Time To Be Successful Is Always Now or whatever else is the perfect time for it to be Now o’clock.

You know when that clock would have been handy? When the Falcons needed to run the ball with an eight-point lead in the — never mind. I’m still hurt.

What did you guys expect Fox to say? Fox is a players coach. You aren’t going to hear him disparage one of his guys through the media.

Through two preseason games, Glennon has a 48.4 passer rating, on 57.7% passing, with 1 TD and 2 interceptions. Trubisky has a 111.4 passer rating, on 72.7% passing, with no interceptions and 2 TD passes.

I think at the very least, Trubisky has earned a move up the depth chart, to see what he can do with better players surrounding him. This week at practice should be interesting as they prepare for the “dress rehearsal” game against the Tennessee Titans, and Trubisky should be getting more reps with the twos, and a few reps with the ones.

Trubisky hasn’t been perfect. He’s missed some reads and he’s nearly thrown some interceptions, but he’s a rookie. Glennon is making the same types of mistakes, so why not play the kid?redskins_089_81cb5b239962465b-180x180

Frozen Four 2017: Denver wins eighth national championship behind record performance

Once Jarid Lukosevicius got going, he couldn’t be stopped.

The University of Denver sophomore set an NCAA record for the fastest two goals scored by one player when he scored 16 seconds apart to set the Pioneers on their way to a 3-2 victory over Minnesota-Duluth in the Frozen Four championship game at Chicago’s United Center.

Lukosevicius scored at the 4:44 mark and then again at 5:00, but he wasn’t done.

Authentic Youth Mike Webster Jersey Following a scoreless first period Lukosevicius added a third goal as the Pioneers (32-7-4) held a 3-1 lead heading into the second intermission.

Pharoh Cooper Authentic Jersey Over the years, NHL teams have opted to invest in massive goaltenders to cover up more of the net, rather than smaller, more elusive netminders. Tampa Bay Lighting goalie Ben Bishop is 6-foot-7. Scott Darling (Blackhawks), Devan Dubnyk (Wild), Anders Lindback (Stars) all check in at 6-6. Goalies under 6-0 are few and far between.

As goalies are getting bigger and bigger, they’re also getting better and better. And that’s not been too kind for NHL scoring.

Teams are averaging 2.61 goals per game this season, and the NHL average hasn’t eclipsed 2.77 since 2005-06, according to A dramatic decline from 3.5 teams were averaging in the 90s. Save percentage hit .915 the past two seasons, the highest it’s ever been.

The league’s effort to increase scoring comes with the thinking that more goals means more interest in the game. And for a league that’s well below the NBA, MLB and NFL in terms of popularity and revenue, that’s priority No. 1.

What the Cubs were thinking with the Jose Quintana trade (and how they’d better be right)

I regret to inform prospect-hugging Cubs fans that it was always going to be like this. This is the plan, at least in part. The Cubs were going to load up on hitters. Young hitters, fast hitters, power hitters, contact hitters, and in some cases, young, fast, power hitters who make great contact. And when they needed pitchers, they were going to buy them. Or trade for them.

Here’s a trade! Surprise! Good morning! The Cubs traded Eloy Gimenez, one of the best prospects in baseball, along with Dylan Cease, Matt Rose, and Bryant Flete for White Sox left-hander Jose Quintana. Depending on your thoughts on Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech, you could argue that this was nearly as expensive as the Chris Sale trade.

Authentic Mens Jamize Olawale Jersey It’s obvious what the Cubs are thinking. It’s obvious that it has to work. This isn’t their last bullet, but it’s a pretty big ammo dump for one pitcher.

Authentic Mens Malcolm Smith Jersey There’s a lot of suspension of disbelief with this one, so I’m going with a D+. It would be one thing if Lugo was dominating and would clearly bring back a Chris Sale-like package. It would be another thing if he were getting expensive. It would be yet another thing if Mets pitchers weren’t being devoured whole by tiny hell imps, whose hunger will never be sated.

None of that is true, though, which means if the Mets are going to deal Lugo, they’ll need to get a return that will make you spit out your drink. It could happen. But it probably won’t.

I bought this house … actually, I bought it when it was being constructed in 1984 and this was a game room I had upstairs and there wasn’t much to it other than that I was a big Three Stooges fan and it was a game room, a fun room. So I asked a guy to paint a mural of me and The Three Stooges together and he did.

Mets and Yankees front offices are now taking their issues with each other public

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On Wednesday, the Mets made a trade with the Indians involving Jay Bruce, a prospect who didn’t make anyone dance with joy upon acquisition, and some salary relief for New York.

Later that night, another Bruce trade that was reportedly in the works leaked, and detailed a trade situation that would have sent him to the Yankees for multiple prospects and slightly less salary relief.

Considering that the prospects in question were reportedly ones that the Mets specifically asked for, this might seem like a suspect trade to turn down for the constant New York underdog.

Authentic Kids Glover Quin Jersey Listen, we know it’s tough to catch up on everything happening in the baseball world each morning. Trying to find all of it while on your way to work or sitting at your desk just isn’t easy. It’s OK, though. Subscribe to our daily MLB newsletter and let us do the heavy lifting for you each morning to find the things you need to see.

The Dodgers already had an embarrassment of riches when it came to starting pitching depth before the trade deadline, but they got even stronger with the addition of former Texas Rangers ace Yu Darvish. Even with staff ace, Clayton Kershaw, out with an injury, Los Angeles has enough depth to run a six-man rotation with six starters who all carry a sub-4.00 ERA.

Los Angeles has the best team ERA in the league by a comfortable margin at 3.07, and the offense ranks fifth in the majors, averaging 5.13 runs per game.

Cowboys schedule 2017: Dallas in prime spots before tough December

The Cowboys’ 2017 regular-season schedule sets them up well to repeat as NFC East champions, but it all comes down to finishing strong. The presumptive preseason division favorites have a strong schedule overall, but the final month is especially tough with three road games and three against 2016 NFL playoff teams.

Dak Prescott was unable to lead the Cowboys past the Giants in his rookie season, so he gets an immediate opportunity to make amends on “SNF.” Denver and Arizona are tricky trips west against non-playoff teams itching to rebound.

Even if Dallas is slow out of the gate, it can catch up fast in the schedule’s second month. The Cowboys should be favored in every game here and will be motivated to exact revenge at home after the playoff loss to Green Bay.

Tony Romo will be part of this latest November to remember; he’ll call his first Cowboys game as a CBS analyst as Dallas hosts Kansas City, and he’ll also be there for a Thanksgiving homecoming against Los Angeles. The Cowboys can dominate this month, including the Atlanta matchup.

New York and Oakland back to back is a very difficult coast-to-coast swing, likely with major playoff implications. Seattle will be undaunted coming to Dallas, while Philadelphia is never easy in winter, especially vs. what should be an improved division opponent.

The Cowboys’ offense last season only scratched the surface of what it can do with Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott sharing their backfield, and Dallas’ defense will be better this season, too. That will help them navigate through a daunting slate. At worst, they’ll secure a wild-card berth and return to the playoffs hungry to last longer this year.


The Yankees’ rotation is led by a revitalized CC Sabathia and emerging youngster Luis Severino

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Stephon Tuitt Authentic Jersey In 2016, Hendricks pitched 190 innings with a 2.13 ERA — best in MLB — and finished third in the National League Cy Young voting. He tossed a gem in Game 6 of the NLCS against Clayton Kershaw and started Game 7 of the World Series against Corey Kluber.

That is what you would call a successful year, but will he ever be that pitcher again? History says it’s unwise to bet against Hendricks.

After his first 11 starts of the season, Hendricks had a 4.08 ERA with just 61 2/3 innings pitched. He went on the disabled list June 5 with tendonitis in his right hand and returned to action seven weeks later on July 24, but his fastball velocity still had yet to return. That could have to do with Hendricks’ mechanics, which have been uncharacteristically spotty this season.

There are a couple things I’ve been trying to fix, Hendricks told Sporting News. It’s very minimal. When you look at it on video it’s hard to even see.

But the 2017 season has not been kind to Hendricks. His fastball velocity has seen a surprising drop, from nearly 90 mph to just 83-85 mph on average, leading many to wonder whether he can still be an effective starting pitcher.

Need to know: The Yankees’ rotation is led by a revitalized CC Sabathia and emerging youngster Luis Severino, but the struggles of Masahiro Tanaka and injury to Michael Pineda have left the Yankees lacking in the rotation. GM Brian Cashman has talked about being a cautious buyer, but dealing for Gray would require abandoning a bit of that caution. Still, the Yankees have a farm system stocked with excellent prospects, and the idea of adding a young, club-controlled starter such as Gray might convince Cashman to loosen the prospect strings.

Need to know: This would mostly be about finding an ace-type pitcher for playoff pushes in 2018 and 2019, but the Braves are still at .500 this season and would love to make a run at a wild-card spot this season. Gray would help on both fronts.