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NFL’s former P.R. exec takes issue with President’s cancellation of Eagles┬átrip

It’s the people’s house,Lockhart added. All Americans should be welcome. We’re not a monarchy where only those who swear loyalty are allowed into the palace. Players wanted to go and are being denied access because some teammates disagree and won’t bow, or kneel, before the President.
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Regardless of whether that’s an accurate description of the reasons for some Eagles to choose not to attend, the move reconfirms that the NFL cannot and will not win when it comes to the anthem issue, no matter how completely and repeatedly the owners try to capitulate to the President’s wishes. Anything done by the owners won’t be good enough or genuine enough or zealous enough.

Some would say they shouldn’t have done anything, accepting the fact that the President and his base will continue to twist the tiger’s tail no matter what the tiger does.

After President Donald Trump revoked the Super Bowl champion Eagles’ invitation to visit the White House citing disrespect for national anthem, Carl Banks posted to his verified Jakub Voracek Jersey Twitter account: Dear NFL, take your F*#king game Back.

Banks, who is the Giants’ Ring of Honor after a nine-year stint (1984-92) that included two Super Bowl wins with the franchise, Tweeted his stance three times in total and also suggested the NFL’s next tactic for getting its way will be to withhold Super Bowl rings.

Trump issued a statement saying only a smaller delegationof Eagles planned to Ben Jones Womens Jersey attend the celebration, but the 1,000 fans planning to attend deserve better.So he cancelled the ceremony altogether and replaced it with one to honor military and include the national anthem.